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Saturday, January 25th 2014

Just How Much Does Think that Divergent Will Make?


DIVERGENT is right around the corner and that means there are predictions on just how well it will do. The good people over at have made their prediction on just how much the movie will make and how it will do.

March 21

Is Divergent really the next Hunger Games? Well, it may be the next young-adult series to earn franchise status, but it won’t even come close to The Hunger Games’ open total. There is no doubt that Lionsgate and Summit are going with the March 21 slot in hopes it’ll be Hunger Games all over again and score a whopping $152.5 million, but realistically, Divergent will be lucky to make a third of that – but that isn’t all that bad.

First off, Hunger Games opened solo and the only big earner left over from the previous weak was 21 Jump Street. Divergent, however, is due to open against Muppets Most Wanted. The first Muppet movie opened to the tune of nearly $30 million, but it was going up against The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 in its second weekend out. However, Muppets also debuted during a high-earning holiday weekend, so if we split the difference, Muppets Most Wanted could open with a similar amount.

So now what does that leave for Divergent? This weekend in 2012, the top 12 earners took $203.8 million in total. Last year, they took $130 million. Considering it’s nearly impossible for Divergent to match Hunger Games, if we work with the $130 million, Muppets takes $30 million, which is actually quite similar to the breakdown between The Croods, Olympus Has Fallen and Oz the Great and Powerful last year, so that should leave about $45 million for Divergent.

Opening Prediction: $45 million

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